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March 5, 2010: Application For Amended Certificate Of Authority Nonprofit Corporation (North Carolina)

March 4, 2010: Articles Of Revocation Of Dissolution (North Carolina)

March 3, 2010: Articles Of Dissolution Prior To Commencement Of Activities For Nonprofit Corporation (North Carolina)

March 2, 2010: Articles of Incorporation (North Carolina)

November 23, 2009: Articles of Merger (North Carolina)

November 22, 2009: Resolution of Foreign Corporation Adopting a Fictitious Name (North Carolina)

November 21, 2009: Statement Of Change Of Registered Office And/Or Registered Agent (North Carolina)

November 20, 2009: Designation Of Registered Office Address And/Or Registered Agent (North Carolina)

November 19, 2009: Cover Sheet for Corporate Filings (North Carolina)

November 8, 2009: Articles Of Revocation Of Dissolution Business Corporation (North Carolina)

November 7, 2009: Articles of Share Exchange Business Corporation (North Carolina)

November 4, 2009: Articles of Amendment (North Carolina)

November 3, 2009: Application For Reinstatement Following Administrative Dissolution (North Carolina)

November 2, 2009: Articles Of Restatement for Business Corporation (North Carolina)

November 1, 2009: Articles of Incorporation (North Carolina)

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