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January 25, 2010: Proof of Service Definition (California)

January 23, 2010: Violation of Law by Child (California)

December 31, 2009: Agreement of Interspecies Merger documents (California)

December 18, 2009: Statement by Domestic Stock Corporation (California)

December 17, 2009: Statement by Domestic Nonprofit Corporation (California)

December 16, 2009: Restated Articles of Incorporation (California)

December 11, 2009: Certificate of Dissolution and Election to Wind Up and Dissolve (California)

December 10, 2009: Articles of Incorporation (California)

December 9, 2009: Certificate Pursuant To Section 1505, California Corporations Code

December 6, 2009: Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation (California)

October 27, 2009: Release Of Superior Court Records (California)

October 26, 2009: CH-125, Reissue Temporary Restraining Order (California)

October 25, 2009: Request for Dismissal (California)

October 23, 2009: Order to Show Cause for Change of Name (California)

October 22, 2009: CH-131 Proof of Service by Mail (California)

October 21, 2009: Order to Show Cause for Change of Name and Gender (California)

October 20, 2009: Notice Of Termination Of Protective Order In Criminal Proceeding (CLETS) (California)

October 19, 2009: CH-120, Notice of Hearing and Temporary Restraining Order (California)

September 14, 2009: Inquiry About Status of I-551 Alien Registration Card in California (United States)

September 9, 2009: Documentation Of Self-Sufficient Minor Status (California)

September 5, 2009: Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit (California)

September 1, 2009: Authorization for Release of Medical Information (California)

August 31, 2009: Petition for Change of Name (California)

August 30, 2009: Answer to Request for Orders to Stop Harassment (United States)

April 25, 2009: Adoption Order (New York and California)

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