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May 8, 2010: Financing Statement (Connecticut)

May 7, 2010: Application for Cancellation of a Mark Owner (Connecticut)

May 6, 2010: Application for a Certificate of Registration of a Trade or Service Mark (Connecticut)

April 13, 2010: Change of Address for Domestic and Foreign (Connecticut)

April 12, 2010: Certificate of Reinstatement (Connecticut)

April 11, 2010: Change Of Registered Agent's Address (Connecticut)

March 30, 2010: Application For Certificate Of Withdrawal (Connecticut)

March 29, 2010: Application for Certificate of Authority (Connecticut)

March 28, 2010: Certificate of Dissolution (Connecticut)

March 8, 2010: Certificate of Amendment (Connecticut)

March 7, 2010: Certificate of Incorporation (Connecticut)

February 28, 2010: Change Of Statutory Agent's Address (Connecticut)

February 27, 2010: Application For Amended Certificate Of Registration (Connecticut)

February 26, 2010: Change of Statutory Agent (Connecticut)

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