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September 3, 2009: Statement of Summary of Record (Pennsylvania)

August 9, 2009: Articles of Amendment-Domestic Business Corporation, Election of Management/Professional Corporation Status (Pennsylvania)

July 24, 2009: Fictitious Name Amendment, Withdrawal, Cancellation (Pennsylvania)

July 21, 2009: Statement of Cure of or Breach of Qualifying Condition for Domestic Business Corporation, Statutory Close Corporation (Pennsylvania)

July 20, 2009: Articles of Conversion for a Domestic Business to Non-Profit or a Domestic Non-Profit to Business Corporation (Pennsylvania)

July 19, 2009: Articles/Certificate of Merger for a Domestic Corporation (Pennsylvania)

July 18, 2009: Statement with respect to shares for a Domestic Business Corporation (Pennsylvania)

July 17, 2009: Articles of Incorporation for a profitable company (Pennsylvania)

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