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Certificate of Reinstatement (Connecticut)

This is a certificate of reinstatement for stock or non-stock corporations in Connecticut. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual Form SNSC 304 looks like.

Stock or Non-stock Corporation

Office of the Secretary of the State
30 Trinity Street / P.O. Box 150470 / Hartford, CT 06115-0470 / Rev. 12/1999

Space For Office Use Only

1. Name of Corporation: _________________________

2. Place a check mark next to A. or B.:

___ A. The corporation is a Connecticut Stock Corporation.

___ B. The corporation is a Connecticut Non-stock Corporation.

3. Appointment of Registered Agent: (Please select one A. or B.)

Individual's Name _________________________

Business Address

Street _________________________

City _________________________

State _________________________

Zip Code _________________________

Residence Address

Street _________________________

City _________________________

State _________________________

Zip Code _________________________

Business Entity: _________________________


Street _________________________

City _________________________

State _________________________

Zip Code _________________________

Acceptance of appointment

Signature of Agent _________________________


Dated this __________________ day of __________________, 20____.

Print or type name of signatory _________________________

Capacity of signatory _________________________

Signature _________________________


Instructions correspond with numbered entries on the form

NAME OF CORPORATION: Please provide the complete name of the corporation, as it appeared on the records of the Secretary of the State at the time it was administratively dissolved, i.e., dissolved by the Secretary of the State. If the name is no longer available, please complete and file a Certificate of Amendment along with the Certificate of Reinstatement changing the name of corporation to a name, which is available.

PLACE A CHECK MARK NEXT TO A. m B.: Indicate the type of corporation, stock or non-stock, which is tiling the certificate. This information must be consistent with the corporation's records in the Office of the Secretary of the State.

APPOINTMENT OF REGISTERED AGENT: The corporation must appoint a registered agent. It may not appoint itself as its registered agent. The registered agent may be either a natural person who is a resident of Connecticut, a Connecticut corporation or a foreign corporation, which has a certificate of authority to transact business in Connecticut, a domestic limited liability company, a limited liability company not organized under the laws of this state and which has procured a Certificate of Authority to transact business or conduct its affairs in this state.

Please note the following: if the agent being appointed is a natural person, that person's business address must be provided under the heading Business address and their residence address under the heading Residence address; if the agent appointed is a corporation, it must provide its principal office address under the Business office address heading; the agent must sign accepting the appointment in the space provided; the signatory must state the capacity under which they sign if signing on behalf of a corporation; and all addresses must include a street number, street name, city, state and postal code. Complete street addresses required. P.O. Boxes are only acceptable as additional address information.

EXECUTION: The document must be executed by an authorized official of the corporation. That person must print or type their name, state the capacity under which they sign and provide a signature. The execution constitutes a legal statement under the penalties of false statement that the information provided in the document is true.

GENERAL INFORMATION: The Certificate of Reinstatement must be filed with a current annual report and up to date clearance letters from the Department of Revenue Services and the Department of Labor.

HABTFOBD, CT 061 H-0470


Filing Fee: $150 reinstatement & annual report fees (stock)
$80 reinstatement & annual report fees (non-stock)

Please make check(s) or money order(s) payable to the Secretary of the State

A Connecticut corporation which has been administratively dissolved may be reinstated by filing a Certificate of Reinstatement in this office. Administratively dissolved means that the corporation was dissolved by the Secretary of the State. The reinstatement procedure is not available to corporations, which have been voluntarily dissolved by resolution.

Before filing the forms described below you may wish to reserve the name of the corporation in order to ensure its availability at the time of filing.*

The Certificate of Reinstatement must be accompanied by the following documents:

1. A current annual report (enclosed please find separate instruction sheet to assist in the completion of the report).


2. Up-to-date statements from the State Tax Commissioner (Revenue Services) and the Administrator of Unemployment Compensation (Labor Department). These statements should be obtained by mailing written requests to the each of the respective agencies at the following locations:

Department of Revenue Services
Audit Division
Corporation Tax Office Unit
25 Sigourney Street
Hartford CT 06106

Employer Status Department
Connecticut State Labor Department
Employment Security Division
200 Folly Brook Boulevard
Wethersfield CT 06 109

In each request, please indicate that the statements are to be used as part of a Certificate of Reinstatement.


* The fee to reserve a corporate name for 120 days is $30.00. If the corporation's name is not available at the time a reinstatement is filed, the corporation must simultaneously change its name by filing a Certificate of Amendment. The fee for tiling the Certificate of Amendment is $50.00 for a stock corporation and $10.00 for a non-stock corporation.

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