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Resignation of Registered Agent (Tennessee)

This is resignation of a registered agent in Tennessee. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual Form SS-4227 looks like.


Corporate Filings
312 Eighth Avenue North
6th Floor, William R. Snodgrass Tower
Nashville, TN 37243

For Office Use Only

Pursuant to the provisions of ยง 48-208-103 of the Tennessee Limited Liability Act, the undersigned hereby submits this statement:

1. The name of the Limited Liability Company is:


2. I hereby resign as the registered agent for the above-named Limited Liability Company.

3. ___ The registered office the Limited Liability Company is hereby discontinued.

___ The registered office of the Limited Liability Company is continued.

NOTE: Please check the applicable box in #3.

4. A copy of this notice has been mailed by certified mail to the principal office of the Limited Liability Company.

5. The resignation will be effective on the date it is filed by the Secretary of State.

Signature Date _____________________

Signature _____________________

Signer's Capacity _____________________

Name (typed or printed) _____________________

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