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Application for Registration of a Foreign Business Name (New Jersey)

This is an application for registration of a foreign business name in New Jersey. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual Form UNRR-4 looks like.

UNRR-4 1/96

Department of the Treasury
Division of Revenue
Application for Registration of a Foreign Business Name

Pursuant to the laws of the State of New Jersey, the undersigned applicant hereby applies for the registration of a business name for (check one):

__ For-Profit Corporation (Title 14A)

__ Non-Profit Corporation (Title 15A)

__ Limited Partnership (Title 42:2A)

__ Limited Liability Company (Title 42:2B)

The business name to be registered is:


State of Incorporation/Formation: __________________________

Main Business Address of Applicant:

Street: __________________________

City: __________________________

State: __________________________

Zip: __________________________

The undersigned attest that the above is currently engaged in and conducting business, and is in good standing. (Corporations must attach a certificate of good standing dated not more than 30 days prior to filing with the Treasurer.)

The undersigned also attest that they are authorized to sign on behalf of the above-named business.

Applicant's Name (type): __________________________

Applicant's Signature: __________________________

Date: __________________________

This registration will be effective for the balance of the calendar year of the effective (filing) date and for the next calendar year. The registration may be renewed in subsequent calendar years, between the first day of October and the thirty-first day of December.

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