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Notice of Objection to Claim (United States)

This is a notice of objection to a claim and a supplement to a bankruptcy form. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual Form B20B looks like.

Form B20B (Official Form 20B)

Form 20B. Notice of Objection to Claim

[Caption as in Form 16A.]


____________________ has filed an objection to your claim in this bankruptcy case.

Your claim may be reduced, modified, or eliminated. You should read these papers carefully and discuss them with your attorney, if you have one.

If you do not want the court to eliminate or change your claim, then on or before ________________ (date), you or your lawyer must:

{If required by local rule or court order.}

[File with the court a written response to the objection, explaining your position, at:

{address of the bankruptcy clerk's office}

If you mail your response to the court for filing, you must mail it early enough so that the court will receive it on or before the date stated above.

You must also mail a copy to:

{objector's attorney's name and address}

{names and addresses of others to be served}]

Attend the hearing on the objection, scheduled to be held

on __________________ (date), ________ (year) , at ___ a.m./___ p.m. in Courtroom __________, United States Bankruptcy Court, {address}.

If you or your attorney do not take these steps, the court may decide that you do not oppose the objection to your claim.

Date: _____________________

Signature: ____________________________

Name: ____________________________

Address: ____________________________


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