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Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors, & Deadlines (Chapter 7 Corporation/Partnership Asset Case (9/97) (United States)

This is a Chapter 7 notice of bankruptcy case, meeting of creditors, and deadlines for a corporation or partnership asset case. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual Form B9D looks like.

FORM B9D (Chapter 7 Corporation/Partnership Asset Case (9/97)

UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT _________ District of _____________________

Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors, & Deadlines

[A chapter 7 bankruptcy case concerning the debtor(s) listed below was filed

on __________________________ (date).]


[A bankruptcy case concerning the debtor(s) listed below was originally filed under chapter _____________

on ________________________ (date) and was converted to a case under chapter 7


NOTE: The staff of the bankruptcy clerk's office cannot give legal advice.

Debtor(s) (name(s) and address): __________________________



Case Number: __________________________

Social Security/Taxpayer ID Nos.: __________________________

Attorney for Debtor(s) (name and address): __________________________



Telephone number: __________________________

Bankruptcy Trustee (name and address): __________________________

Telephone number: __________________________

Meeting of Creditors:

Date: __________________________

Time: (______) A.M. (______) P.M.

Location: __________________________

Deadline to File a Proof of Claim:

For all creditors (except a governmental unit):

For a governmental unit:

Deadline to File a Complaint Objecting to Discharge of the Debtor or to Determine Dischargeability of Certain Debts:


Deadline to Object to Exemptions: Thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the meeting of creditors.

Creditors May Not Take Certain Actions:

The filing of the bankruptcy case automatically stays certain collection and other actions against the debtor and the debtor's property. If you attempt to collect a debt or take other action in violation of the Bankruptcy Code, you may be penalized.

Please Do Not File A Proof of Claim Unless You Receive a Notice To Do So.

Address of the Bankruptcy Clerk's Office: __________________________


Telephone number: __________________________

Hours Open: __________________________


For the Court:

Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court: __________________________

Date: __________________________


Filing of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

A bankruptcy case under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code (title 11, United States Code) has been filed in this court by or against the debtor(s) listed on the front side, and an order for relief has been entered.

Creditors May Not Take Certain Actions

Prohibited collection actions are listed in Bankruptcy Code ยง 362. Common examples of prohibited actions include contacting the debtor by telephone, mail or otherwise to demand repayment; taking actions to collect money or obtain property from the debtor; repossessing the debtor's property; starting or continuing lawsuits or foreclosures; and garnishing or deducting from the debtor's wages.

Meeting of Creditors

A meeting of creditors is scheduled for the date, time and location listed on the front side. The debtor (both spouses in a joint case) must be present at the meeting to be questioned under oath by the trustee and by creditors. Creditors are welcome to attend, but are not required to do so. The meeting may be continued and concluded at a later date without further notice.


A Proof of Claim is a signed statement describing a creditor's claim. If a Proof of Claim form is not included with this notice, you can obtain one at any bankruptcy clerk's office. If you do not file a Proof of Claim by the "Deadline to File a Proof of Claim" listed on the front side, you might not be paid any money on your claim against the debtor in the bankruptcy case. To be paid you must file a Proof of Claim even if your claim is listed in the schedules filed by the debtor.

Liquidation of the Debtor's Property and Payment of Creditors' Claims

The bankruptcy trustee listed on the front of this notice will collect and sell the debtor's property that is not exempt. If the trustee can collect enough money, creditors may be paid some or all of the debts owed to them, in the order specified by the Bankruptcy Code. To make sure you receive any share of that money, you must file a Proof of Claim, as described above.

Bankruptcy Clerk's Office

Any paper that you file in this bankruptcy case should be filed at the bankruptcy clerk's office at the address listed on the front side. You may inspect all papers filed, including the list of the debtor's property and debts and the list of the property claimed as exempt, at the bankruptcy clerk's office.

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