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Modification Agreement (United States)

This modifies an agreement. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual form looks like.


This Agreement made this

_______(1)_________ day of ___________(2)_______, ____(3)____,

by and between __________________(4)______________,

of ______________(5)________________,

and __________(6)__________,

of ________(7)_________.

In consideration of the promises contained herein, additional to those heretofore made, that certain contract entered into between the parties,

on ___________(8)__________, _______(9)_______,

a copy of which contract is attached hereto and marked Exhibit A, is hereby, modified in the following respects only:

By inserting in such agreement attached hereto as Exhibit A,

between the Paragraphs numbered __(10)__ and __(11)__,

the following new paragraph: _________(12)___________.



The agreement attached hereto as Exhibit A is otherwise reaffirmed. Executed on the date first above written.

___________(13)________________ _____________(14)______________


___________(13)________________ _____________(15)______________


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