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Judgment Of Dissolution Of Marriage - Children (Illinois)

This form is a supplement to the Divorce with Minor Children packet in Illinois. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual form looks like.


__________________ COUNTY


) No. _______-D-_______

Plaintiff, )

and )

Defendant. )


This cause having come up for hearing on the ______ day of _______________, 20__,

on the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage filed by_________________________, and:

(___) it appearing that Defendant was personally served with summons in ________________ County,

__________________, and was defaulted for failure to appear or respond;

(___) it appearing that Defendant has filed an Entry of Appearance and consented, in sincerity and without fraud or collusion to an immediate hearing;

(___) that on due inquiry, Defendant could not be found, and service was obtained in accordance with 750 ILCS 5/2-206 and 2-207; and the Petition herein taken as confessed by said Defendant, the Court having heard the evidence and being fully advised in the premises does find:

1. That this Court has jurisdiction of the subject matter herein and the parties hereto.

2. That Plaintiff is ____ years old. She/He currently lives

in ________________, Illinois,

in ________________ County, and has lived in Illinois for at least 90 days prior to the filing of his/her Petition.

3. That Defendant is ____ years old.

His/Her last known address is _____________________________,

State of ______________________ and is ___ is not ___ a resident of Illinois. Defendant is not currently in military service with any of the Armed Forces of the United States.

4. That the parties were lawfully married on _____________, 20 ___ and that said marriage was registered

in ___________________ County, __________________.

5. That the parties have been separated since __________________, 20___.

6. That the grounds of ___________________ have been proven within the meaning of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

7. That all the children who have been born to the parties as a result of their marital relationship are as follows:


___________________, and that the home state of the minor child/ren is the State of Illinois.

8. That Plaintiff is not now pregnant.

9. That Plaintiff is a fit and proper person to have the care, custody, control, and education of the minor child/ren and that, considering the surroundings, circumstances, and adjustment to home, school, and community of each child and the financial circumstances, character, fitness, mental, and physical health of the parents and their ability to contribute to the support of said child/ren, the best interests of the child/ren will be served if given into the custody of Plaintiff.

10. (___) That Defendant is employed at ________________________

earning $________ net per month and is amply able to furnish support for the minor child/ren of the parties, in accord with his/her/their needs;

(___) That Defendant is either unemployed or his/her employment status and income are unknown.

11. That since the marriage of the parties, the parties acquired marital property,

including: _____________________________________________

__________________________________________________________; that Plaintiff has contributed to the acquisition and preservation of the marital property through her/her own efforts and frugalities.

12. That Plaintiff has in her/his possession the following items of non-marital property:


13. That debts and obligations were incurred by the parties, as a result of the marriage relation,

including: ___________________________________________


14. That Plaintiff's former name was ____________________________.


A. That the bonds of matrimony presently existing between Plaintiff and Defendant be and the same are hereby dissolved and the parties are granted a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage.

B. That Plaintiff shall have and she/he is hereby awarded the sole care, custody, control, and education of the child/ren of the parties, subject to the right of Defendant to visit with said child/ren

as follows:___________________________________________________


(___) That the Court shall enter a Uniform Order of Support in the amount of ___________

per ___________.

(___) That the question of child support shall be reserved for the future consideration of the Court.

D. That Plaintiff shall have as her sole and exclusive property free of homestead, dower, or any right of Defendant all property presently in her/his possession,



E. That Defendant shall assume full responsibility for all the following legal debts and obligations incurred by the parties, or either of them, as a result of this marriage relation, and hold Plaintiff free and harmless therefrom

including: ___________________________________


F. That each of the parties is forever barred from claiming maintenance from the other, having waived the right thereto, and from any and all other rights, claims, title or interest whatsoever against the other party or in or to the property of the other, whether the property be real, personal or mixed or whether it be now owned or hereafter acquired, especially rights of dower, homestead or other rights of inheritance.

G. That Plaintiff is permitted to resume her former name of ____________________.

H. That this Court shall retain jurisdiction of this cause until the terms of this Judgment have been fully complied with in all respects.

I. ___________________________________________________________


DATE: ____________________



FORM: Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage (children)

Introduction: First blank: Day of hearing.
Second blank: Month of hearing.
Third blank: Year of hearing.
Fourth blank: Your name.

Place a check in the box that corresponds with how your spouse was served. CHECK ONLY ONE BOX. If you check the first box, the first blank should be filled in with the county in which your spouse was served and the second blank should be filled in with the state in which that county is located.

Paragraph 2: First blank: Your age.
Second blank: Your address.
Third blank: Name of county in which you reside.

Paragraph 3: First blank: The age of your spouse.
Second blank: Your spouse's address. If you don't have an address put "unknown".
Third blank: The state where your spouse resides. If you don't know the state, put "unknown".
Fourth and Fifth blank: Check whether your spouse is or is not a resident of Illinois.

Paragraph 4: First and Second blank: The day, month, and year of your marriage.
Third blank: The county in which your marriage was registered.
Fourth blank: The state in which your marriage was registered.

Paragraph 5: Month and year on which you and your spouse separated.

Paragraph 6: Grounds on which you are getting a divorce.

Paragraph 7: First blank: List the name and birthdate of each of the children of the marriage.
Second blank: Put your complete address.

Paragraph 10: Check the appropriate box. If you check the first box: put the name of the spouse's employer and the amount of the spouse's net monthly salary.

Paragraph 11: List marital property as you did in your Petition.

Paragraph 12: List the non-marital property you have in your possession;

Paragraph 13: List the debts as you did in your Petition.

Paragraph 14: List your former name.

Paragraph B: List the visitation you want the court to give to your spouse. Be as specific as you can.

Paragraph C: Check the appropriate box.
Box 1: First blank: amount of child support to be paid.
Second blank: how often the amount of support is to be paid (weekly, every 2 weeks, every month, etc.)
Box 2: Check this if no support is going to be paid.

Paragraph D: List the marital and non-marital property you want the court to award to you.

Paragraph E: List the debts you want your spouse to be responsible for.

Paragraph G: List your former name.

Paragraph I: List any relief you want the court to give you not requested in Paragraphs A-H.


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