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Infringement of Patents

This form is notice of infringement of patents. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual form looks like.


A is engaged in the manufacture of _________ which are alleged to be infringements of certain patents.

B wishes to be protected against loss by reason of purchasing and selling _________ and to be indemnified upon any guaranty that B may give to any person or persons purchasing and using such _________.

Therefore, it is agreed between the parties that A will sell B _________

at _____% below list price,

and that B shall retain _____% of the list price to secure and indemnify them against loss and damage in defending any suit brought against them because of their

purchase or sale of such _________; also to protect and indemnify them against loss caused by any guaranty given to any person or persons in case any suit should be instituted against them on account of

using such _________ purchased from B.

B shall retain the _____% in case of _________ already purchased by them as well as those to be purchased to secure and indemnify them against loss as provided above.

B shall, at the expiration of one year, if all litigation has been finally settled which in any way affects the right of B

to purchase or sell the _________,

or in any way affects the rights of any person or persons in using any of the _________

which person or persons purchased of B, pay over to A the _____% of the list price retained by them, with interest, for the purpose set forth in this agreement. Provided, however, that such payment shall not be required to be made unless A shall make good to B all loss, expense and damage, if any, which B has suffered by reason of any such suits instituted against them or on account of any such suit brought against persons to whom B

has sold _________.

B shall give immediate notice to A of any and all suits instituted against B on account

of the purchasing or selling the _________, and also shall give immediate notice of any and all suits instituted against any person or persons on account of the person or persons

using the _________ which were sold to the person or persons by B.

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