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Guaranty in Respect of Liability for Nonperformance (Federal Maritime Commission)

This is a Federal Maritime Commission guaranty in respect of liability for nonperformance (United States). The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual Form FMC-133A looks like.

Form FMC-133A

Washington, DC 20573

Guaranty No. ________________________________

FMC Certificate No. ________________________________

Guaranty in Respect of Liability for Nonperformance, Section 3 of the Act

1. Whereas (Name of applicant) (Hereinafter referred to as the "Applicant'') is the Owner or Charterer of the passenger Vessel(s) specified in the annexed Schedule ("the Vessels''), which are or may become engaged in voyages to or from United States ports, and the Applicant desires to establish its financial responsibility in accordance with section 3 of Pub. L. 89-777, 89th Congress, approved November 6, 1966 ("the Act'') then, provided that the Federal Maritime Commission ("FMC'') shall have accepted, as sufficient for that purpose, the Applicant's application, supported by this Guaranty, and provided that FMC shall issue to the Applicant a Certificate (Performance) ("Certificate''), the undersigned Guarantor hereby guarantees to discharge the Applicant's legal liability to indemnify the passengers of the Vessels for nonperformance of transportation within the meaning of section 3 of the Act, in the event that such legal liability has not been discharged by the Applicant within 21 days after any such passenger has obtained a final judgment (after appeal, if any) against the Applicant from a United States Federal or State Court of competent jurisdiction, or has become entitled to payment of a specified sum by virtue of a compromise settlement agreement made with the Applicant, with the approval of the Guarantor, whereby, upon payment of the agreed sum, the Applicant is to be fully, irrevocably and unconditionally discharged from all further liability to such passenger for such nonperformance.

2. The Guarantor's liability under this Guaranty in respect to any passenger shall not exceed the amount paid by such passenger; and the aggregate amount of the Guarantor's liability under this Guaranty shall not exceed $________________________.

3. The Guarantor's liability under this Guaranty shall attach only in respect of events giving rise to a cause of action against the Applicant, in respect of any of the Vessels, for nonperformance of transportation within the meaning of Section 3 of the Act, occurring after the Certificate has been granted to the Applicant, and before the expiration date of this Guaranty, which shall be the earlier of the following dates:

(a) The date whereon the Certificate is withdrawn, or for any reason becomes invalid or ineffective; or

(b) The date 30 days after the date of receipt by FMC of notice in writing (including telex or cable) that the Guarantor has elected to terminate this Guaranty except that:

(i) If, on the date which would otherwise have been the expiration date under the foregoing provisions (a) or (b) of this Clause 3, any of the Vessels is on a voyage whereon passengers have been embarked at a United States port, then the expiration date of this Guaranty shall, in respect of such Vessel, be postponed to the date on which the last passenger on such voyage shall have finally disembarked; and

(ii) Such termination shall not affect the liability of the Guarantor for refunds arising from ticket contracts made by the Applicant for the supplying of transportation and other services prior to the date such termination becomes effective.

4. If, during the currency of this Guaranty, the Applicant requests that a vessel owned or operated by the Applicant, and not specified in the annexed Schedule, should become subject to this Guaranty, and if the Guarantor accedes to such request and so notifies FMC in writing (including telex or cable), then, provided that within 30 days of receipt of such notice, FMC shall have granted a Certificate, such Vessel shall thereupon be deemed to be one of the Vessels included in the said Schedule and subject to this Guaranty.

5. The Guarantor hereby designates ________________________________,

with offices at ________________________________, as the Guarantor's legal agent for service of process for the purposes of the Rules of the Federal Maritime Commission, Subpart A of Part 540 of Title 46, Code of Federal Regulations, issued under Section 3 of Pub. L. 89-777 (80 Stat. 1357, 1358), entitled "Security for the Protection of the Public.''

________________________________ (Place and Date of Execution)

________________________________ (Type Name of Guarantor)

________________________________ (Type Address of Guarantor)

By ________________________________ (Signature and Title)

Schedule of Vessels Referred to in Clause 1

Vessels Added to This Schedule in Accordance With Clause 4

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