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Exclusive Right To Sell

This form is a right to sell property. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual form looks like.


For and in consideration of your services to be rendered in listing for sale and in undertaking to sell or find a purchaser for the property hereinafter described, the parties understand and agree that this is an exclusive listing to sell the real estate located at:


together with the following improvements and fixtures:


The minimum selling price of the property shall be________________ dollars ($_______), to be payable on the following terms:

You are authorized to accept and hold a deposit in the amount of _______________ dollars ($_______) as a deposit and to apply such deposit on the purchase price.

If said property is sold, traded or in any other way disposed of either by us or by anyone else within the time specified in this listing, it is agreed to and understood that you shall receive from the sale or trade of said property as your commission percent (______%) of the purchase price. Should said property be sold or traded within ________ days after expiration of this listing agreement to a purchaser with whom you have been negotiating for the sale or trade of the property, the said commission shall be due and payable on demand.

We agree to furnish a certificate of title showing a good and merchantable title of record, and further agree to convey by good and sufficient warranty deed or guaranteed title on payment in full.

The listing contract shall continue until midnight of _________________, 20____.

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