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Certificate of Dissolution (New York)

This is a certificate of dissolution of a business corporation in New York. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual Form DOS1337 looks like.

New York State
Department of State
Division of Corporations, State Records
and Uniform Commercial Code
Albany, NY 12231

(This form must be printed or typed in black ink)


____________________________________ (Insert corporate name)

Under Section 1003 of the Business Corporation Law

FIRST: The present name of the corporation is:

(If the name of the corporation has been changed, the name under which it was formed

is: ____________________________________.)

SECOND: (must include month, day and year) The certificate of incorporation was filed by the Department of State

on: ____________________________________

THIRD: (must include number and street) The name and addresses of each officer and director of the corporation

is: ____________________________________

FOURTH: The corporation elects to dissolve.

FIFTH: (check appropriate box)

____ The dissolution was authorized at a meeting of shareholders by a vote of two-thirds of all outstanding shares entitled to vote or by the unanimous written consent of the holder(s) of all outstanding shares entitled to vote and the certificate of incorporation does not provide for an alternate manner of authorization.

____ The dissolution was authorized in the manner required by provisions in the certificate of incorporation.

This document must be signed by an officer, director, attorney-in-fact or duly authorized person.

____________________________________ (Signature)

____________________________________ (Type or print name)

____________________________________ (Name and capacity of signer)

Filed by: ____________________________________ (Name)

____________________________________ (Mailing address)

____________________________________ (City, State and ZIP code)




Under Section 1003 of the Business Corporation Law

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