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Certificate as to Partners (United States)

This is a Small Business Administration (SBA) certificate of general partners. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual Form 160A looks like.

SBA LOAN NO. _____________________________


We, the undersigned, are general partners doing business under the firm name and style of

_____________________________ and constitute all the partners thereof.

Acts done in the name of or on behalf of the firm, by any one of us shall be binding on said firm and each and all of us.

This statement is signed and the foregoing representations are made in order to induce the

_____________________________ (hereinafter called "Lender") or the Small Business Administration (hereinafter called "SBA"):

1. To consider applications for a loan or loans to said firm when signed by any one of us.

2. To make a loan or loans to said firm against a promissory note or promissory notes signed in the firm name by any one of us.

3. To accept as security for the payment of such note or notes any collateral which may be offered by any one of us.

4. To consider applications signed in the firm name by any one of us for any renewals or extensions for all or any part of such loan or loans and any other loan or loans heretofore or hereafter made by Lender or SBA to said firm.

5. To accept any other instruments or agreements of said firm which may be required by Lender or SBA in connection with such loan, renewals, or extensions when signed by any one of us.

Any indebtedness heretofore contracted and any contracts or agreements heretofore made with Lender or SBA on behalf of said firm and all acts of partners or agents of said firm in connection with said indebtedness or said contracts or agreements are hereby ratified and confirmed, and we do hereby certify that THERE IS ATTACHED HERETO A TRUE COPY OF OUR AGREEMENT OF PARTNERSHIP.

Each of the undersigned is authorized to mortgage and/or pledge all or any part of the property, real, personal, or mixed, of said firm as security for any such loan.

This statement and representations made herein are in no way intended to exclude the general authority of each partner as to any acts not specifically mentioned or to limit the power of any one of us to bind said firm and each and every one of us individually.

Lender or SBA is authorized to rely upon the aforesaid statements until receipt of written notice of any change.

Signed this day of _____________________________, 20______.

_____________________________ (Typewrite Name)

_____________________________ (Signature)

_____________________________ (Typewrite Name)

_____________________________ (Signature)

_____________________________ (Typewrite Name)

_____________________________ (Signature)

_____________________________ (Typewrite Name)

_____________________________ (Signature)

State of )
County of ) ss:

On this day of _____________________________, 20_________, before me personally appeared

_____________________________ and

_____________________________ and

_____________________________ and


to be known to be the persons described in an who executed the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that they executed the same as their free act and deed.

My commission expires _____________________________

_____________________________ Notary Public

NOTE: If this form of notarial certificate cannot be used in the State in question, the form should be properly modified.

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