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Business Appointment Letter

This is a sample business appointment letter.


(city, state, zip)

Dear Mr. (Ms.) ___________:

As you are no doubt aware, today (graphic design/editorial/advertising/public relations/Internet development services) can have a crucial effect on success. There are lots of suppliers available, but few that can combine creative talent with the reliability and strategic thinking that organizations like (client name) require.

This is why I would like to introduce you to a new source--(your company)(me).

Although (our)(my) name may be new to you, (I)(we) have over ______ years experience

in fields ranging from ___________, to ___________, to ___________.

(Our)(my) specialty is ____________.) Recent clients have included

____________, ____________, and ____________ for projects ranging from

____________, to ____________, to ____________.

Now, I would like to introduce (our)(my) services to (client name), and show you some of the ways (we)(I) have been able to increase the (marketing)(communications) effectiveness of similar organizations.

I'll call next (_______) to see if a short meeting would be appropriate at this time.


(your name)

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