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Bill Of Sale, General

This is a form of a general bill of sale. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual form looks like



On __________ (date),

an order for the relief of _____________________________,

debtor, was issued by the United States Court of Bankruptcy

for the _______________ ______________ District of _______________; and

Thereafter the undersigned, ___________________________,

was elected as trustee of the estate, and thereupon qualified, and ever since has been and now is acting as such trustee; and

Thereafter, _______________________________________ (recite proceedings, such as: on notices given, and objections and hearing on those objections, and an order of sale by the court),

trustee sold at ______________________ (private sale or public auction),

the following property of the debtor: _____________________________

Now therefore, I, as trustee of debtor, ___________________________ by virtue of such sale, and of the powers vested in me, and for and in consideration of the premises and

the sum of _____________________ Dollars ($__________),

paid to me by _______________________________________,

receipt of which is acknowledged,

grant, bargain, sell, and convey to such purchaser, ______ (his or her) heirs and assigns forever,

_________________________________________ (all my right, title and interest as trustee in) the following described property:



To have and to hold such property to such purchaser, __________ (his or her) heirs and assigns forever, as fully and completely as trustee by virtue of such sale, and of the Bankruptcy Code of the United States, might or should sell and convey the property. In witness whereof, I, as trustee,

have signed this bill of sale on __________ (date).



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