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Assignment - Joint Ownership With Right Of Survivorship

This form is to assign joint ownership with right of survivorship. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual form looks like.


This assignment is from:



Whose address(es) (is/are):


Hereafter called assignor, to:



Whose address(es) (is/are):


Hereafter called assignee. Even if there is more than one assignor or assignee, the parties will be referred to in the singular for the rest of this assignment. In consideration of the payment of Five Dollars ($5.00) to assignor by assignee, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and in consideration of assignee giving assignor:


Assignor hereby grants, conveys, assigns, transfers, and sets over to _______________

_________________________________________ in that certain property described as


Assignee's undivided interest shall be held:


If said property has an unpaid balance owing on it, the present unpaid balance on said

property is: ________________________________________ ($___________)

with interest paid until: _________________________________________

The unpaid balance accrues interest at the rate of _________________ percent per year.

If this assignment involves any interest in real property, the tax assessor should send tax statements for said real property to the assignor and assignee at the address listed above for the assignor. This instrument will not allow use of the property described in this instrument in violation of applicable land use laws and regulations. Before signing or accepting this instrument, the person acquiring fee title to the property should check with the appropriate city or county planning department to verify approved uses. The undersigned assignor hereby declares that the true value of the property transferred in this assignment is:



I/we have signed this assignment on this _________ day of __________ (month), ____ (year),

at _______________________________________ (Address Where document is signed).

Assignor: ___________________________________ (SEAL)

Assignor: ___________________________________ (SEAL)

Assignor: ___________________________________ (SEAL)

The undersigned spouse of the assignor, or spouses of the assignors if there is more than one assignor, for the consideration stated in the assignment above, hereby give up his/her/their right, title, interest, separate estate, dower and right of dower, or courtesy, as the case may be, and hereby give up any homestead, community property, or other rights he/she/they may have in the above property.

Dated this _________________ day of _____________ (month), ______(year).

___________________________________________ Spouse

___________________________________________ Spouse

___________________________________________ Spouse

We, ___________________________________________

hereby acknowledge that we witnessed: ________________________________

who is/are known to us personally, sign the above assignment on:


in our presence and that: ______________________________________

Acknowledged to us and it appeared to us that he/she/they signed said assignment freely and voluntarily. We signed our names as witnesses in the presence of and at the request of said assignor(s).

Dated this _____________________ day of _____________ (month), _____ (year).



STATE OF: __________________________________________________.

COUNTY OF: ________________________________________________.

I, _______________, a resident of and notary public in and for the state and county named above, am duly commissioned and sworn and legally authorized to administer oaths and affirmations,

hereby certify that on _____________, ______________, _____ (date)

the following (names of assignor(s) and spouse(s)):


who is/are known to me personally to be the signer(s) of the above assignment, appeared before me and, after being first duly sworn by me under penalty of perjury, swore on his/her/their oaths to the truth of the facts in the above assignment, and signed and acknowledged said assignment in my presence, of his/her/their own free will and for the purposes explained in said assignment.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this ___ day of ___________ (month), ____ (year).

____________________________ (SEAL)
Notary Public

My Commission Expires: ________________

This instrument was prepared by _______________, whose address is ____________.

STATE OF ________________________

COUNTY OF ______________________

I certify that the above assignment was recorded in my office on the following date:

____________________, at (TIME) ________________.M.,

and is duly recorded in Book _________ on Page _________________

(or as recorder's fee number ____________), of the _______________ records of the above state and county.


By: ______________________________________

Transfer Fee: $______________________________

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