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Articles Of Dissolution And Termination By Incorporators Or Directors Of A For-Profit Corporation (Tennessee)

These are articles of dissolution and termination by incorporators or directors of a profitable corporation in Tennessee. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual Form SS 4423 looks like.

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Pursuant to the provisions of Section 48-24-101 of the Tennessee Business Corporation Act, the incorporators or initial directors of the corporation hereinafter named, adopt the following articles of dissolution and termination:

1. The name of the corporation is _______________________

2. The date of its incorporation is

_______________________, _______________________. (must be month, day and year)

3. The corporation is for profit.

4. Indicate which of the following statements apply by marking the appropriate box:

____ None of the corporation's shares has been issued.

____ The corporation has not commenced business.

5. No debt of the corporation remains unpaid.

6. If shares have been issued, the net assets of the corporation remaining after winding up the affairs have been distributed to the shareholders.

7. Indicate which of the following statements apply by marking the appropriate box:

____ A majority of the incorporators authorized the dissolution.

____ A majority of the initial directors authorized the dissolution.

8. The dissolution was authorized on

_______________________, _______________________. (must be month, day and year)

[NOTE: Prior to this document being accepted for filing, the Division of Business Services will request tax clearance verification from the Tennessee Department of Revenue that the business has properly filed all reports and paid all required taxes and penalties. If we cannot obtain such tax clearance verification from the Department of Revenue, this document will be rejected and returned to the applicant.]

Signature Date _______________________

Signature _______________________

Signer's Capacity _______________________

Name _______________________ (typed or printed)

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