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Application for Change of Name

This form is an application to change your name. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual form looks like.


To: _______________________________ (Court)

Applicant states:

1. Applicant resides at _______________________________ (Address),

and has resided there for more than __________ (Months or Years) prior to filing this application.

2. Applicant was born in ______________________________ (Address)

on __________________ (Date of Birth).

Applicants birth name is _________________________.

3. The name of applicant's father is ______________________________,

and the name of applicant's mother is _____________________________.

They reside at ______________________________________ (Address).

4. Applicant _________ (Is/Is Not) married.

If married, applicant was married to:

_____________________________ (Spouse's Name)

on ___________________ (Date)

at ___________________________________ (Location and Address).

Spouse's Date of Birth: __________________________________

Spouse's Place of Birth: _____________________________________

5. Applicant desires to change (his/her) name to ____________________

for the following reasons:



6. ____________________________
(State here any information relating to publication of notice of intent to change name, which may be required by statute.)

7. ____________________________
(State here any information required by statute as to financial matters, any criminal records, and pending actions or other proceedings to which the applicant may be a party.)



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