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Resolution - Authorization For Issuance Of Shares Of Corporation In Exchange For Realty

This is a resolution to authorize issue of shares in exchange for realty. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual form looks like.


Whereas, at a meeting of the board of directors of the __________(1)___________ Corporation (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Corporation"), it was resolved that the Corporation accept the offer

of _________(2)________ attached hereto,

and issue __(3)__ percent of the authorized capital stock of the Corporation, fully paid and non assessable; and

Whereas, _________(4)___________, as the sole owner of the real estate situated

in the City of ________(5)__________,

County of ___________(6)____________,

State of ______(7)________, has offered to sell to the Corporation the real estate, as more fully described in the offer attached hereto,

in return for _____(8)______ percent of the authorized stock of this corporation; and

Whereas, the real estate is valuable for the use and lawful purposes of the Corporation;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the offer made by _______(9)_______ to the Corporation is accepted. Resolved further that the secretary of the Corporation shall promptly deliver to the offer, a certified copy of the minutes of this meeting. Resolved further that the president of the Corporation execute and deliver to the offer,

_____(10)______ certificates of stock for _______(11)______ shares of the Corporation, which shares

shall constitute ______(12)______ percent of the authorized capital stock of the Corporation fully paid and non assessable, on receipt from the offer, of a warranty deed transferring the real estate to the Corporation.

Resolved further, that all perorations and adjustments for items including, but not limited to, taxes, interest, insurance and rents, shall be made as of the date of the transfer according to the local custom in the real estate industry.

By the Board of Directors, this Resolution is adopted this


Chairman, Board of Directors

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