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Certificate of Dissolution without assets (New Jersey)

This form is to dissolve a corporation without assets in New Jersey. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual Form C-159c looks like.

Department of the Treasury
Division of Revenue

(Without Assets - Title 14A:12-4. 1)

1. Name of Corporation: _________________________________

2. Corporation Number: _________________________________

3. Set forth the name and address of the shareholders executing the certificate OR the name, address and title of the officer executing the certificate;




4. The corporation has no assets, has ceased doing business and does not intend to recommence doing business, and has not made any distributions of cash or property to the shareholders within the last 24 months and does not intend to have any distribution following its dissolution.

5. The shareholders have authorized the dissolution by signing the Certificate of Dissolution in person or by proxy, or the board and the shareholders have authorized the dissolution as provided by law, or 30 days prior written notice of the dissolution has been mailed to or personally served upon all known directors and shareholders at their last known address and not one of them has objected to the dissolution.

6. The shareholders/officers executing the certificate believe(s) that all of the statements in the certificate are true under penalty of perjury.

Signature: _________________________________

Date: _________________________________

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