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Application for a UK residence permit for employment or business (United Kingdom)

This is an application for an extension of stay in the United Kingdom. The form provided here is simply a sample of what the actual Form EEC1 looks like.

Form EEC1

Immigration and Nationality Directorate

Application for a United Kingdom residence permit for employment or business (EEA nationals)

If you are applying on the basis of Employment, please complete sections 1, 2 and 4. Section 2 must be completed by the employer.

If you are applying on the basis of Business, please complete sections 1, 3 and 4.

Please write in black ink and in BLOCK capitals.

Section 1

Please tell us:

1.1 Your title ____ Mr. ____ Mrs. ____ Miss ____ Ms ____ Other: _____________________________

1.2 Surname _____________________________

1.3 Forename(s) _____________________________

1.4 Maiden Surname _____________________________

1.5 Nationality _____________________________

1.6 Date of birth (dd/mm/yy) _____________________________

1.7 Place of birth _____________________________

1.8 Your day time telephone number _____________________________

1.9 Full address where you live in the UK ______________________


Postcode: _____________________________

1.10 Passport / identity card number _____________________________

1.11 Date on which you last entered the UK (dd/mm/yy) _____________________________

1.12 Martial Status: ____ Single ____ Married ____ Divorced ____ Widowed

1.13 If you are married, is your spouse living with you in the United Kingdom?

Yes ____ No ____

(If you have answered Yes to question 1.13, please give the following details about your spouse)

1.14 Surname _____________________________

1.15 Forename(s) _____________________________

1.16 Maiden surname _____________________________

1.17 Nationality _____________________________

1.18 Nationality Date of birth (dd/mm/yy) _______________________

1.19 Place of birth _____________________________

1.20 Passport / identity card number _____________________________

1.21 Date on which he/she last entered the UK (dd/mm/yy) _____________________________

Please give full names, relationship, nationality and dates of birth for any other dependants for whom a residence permit or residence document (for non-EEA national dependants) is required.

Full name _____________________________

Relationship _____________________________

Nationality _____________________________

Date of Birth _____________________________

Full name _____________________________

Relationship _____________________________

Nationality _____________________________

Date of Birth _____________________________

Section 2 -- Employment certificate

This section is to be completed by the employer

2.1 Full name of employer _____________________________

2.2 Business address




Postcode: _____________________________

2.3 Business telephone number _____________________________

2.4 Address where applicant is to be employed (if different from above)




Postcode: _____________________________

2.5 Telephone number _____________________________

2.6 Employer's business _____________________________

2.7 Position offered to or held by applicant _____________________________

2.8 Nationality of applicant _____________________________

2.9 Expected duration of employment _____________________________

2.10 Number of hours worked each week

2.11 Salary / wages paid each month / week


Employer's declaration

_________________________________________________________ (employee's name)

_____________________________ (date)

is / was employed in this business from ______________________

in accordance with the details given above

Signature of employer _________________________________________________

Date ______________________

Employer's stamp

Section 3 -- Business certificate

I, _________________________________________________ (name)

a citizen of _________________________________________________ (country)

established in business / following a self employed occupation as

_________________________________________________ (occupation)

Name of business _________________________________________________ (Company name)

Business address _________________________________________________ (Company address)



Business telephone number _________________________________________________

Signature of applicant ________________________________________________

Date of application ____________________________________________

Section 4 -- What to do now

Please provide the following documentation: (please tick the boxes to show what you are sending)

For yourself, and any of your dependants for whom a residence permit or residence document is required, you should enclose:

____ Two recent passport type photographs (not required for children under 16 requiring a residence permit or for any dependant requiring a residence document)

____ The passport(s) or identity card(s)

____ Evidence of your dependant's; relationship to you, e.g. birth certificate or marriage certificate.

____ If you have previously written to the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, please give the appropriate date and the reference number.



If you are required to complete section 3, please submit evidence in original form showing that you are in business or are self employed, for example

____ A lease on business premises

____ A contract for free-lance work

____ Bank Statements (for both personal and business accounts)

____ Invoices

____ Audited accounts

____ National Insurance contributions card

When this form has been completed, you should send it to:

Immigration and Nationality Directorate
Integrated Casework Directorate
Block C
Whitgift Centre
Croydon CR9 2AT

Signature of Applicant: _________________________________________

Date of application: _______________________________________

Please ensure you have completed all the sections of the form that apply to you.

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